Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Pumpkin Shirt

It's officially FALL! I love all things Fall- cool breezes, warm clothes, and football! I decided to start quirky finch off with some fun clothes for the fall also! These are pumpkin shirts that are ready to ship in size 12 mo, 18 mo, 3T, 4T, 5T- I have one of each size! It's first come, first serve :) I am only charging my facebook and blog friends $18 plus shipping, but I will post them on Etsy tomorrow for $22. When they're gone, they're gone!

Here are some more pictures of some QF fall items. Please e-mail quirky finch to order any of the clothes below! Also, there are plenty more on Quirky Finch's facebook page!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I've not blogged in a LONG time, but I have decided to return and have a little more fun with the blog. Instead of just putting up Quirky Finch stuff I am going to add more "life" stuff. So I am going to start with a step by step tutorial of my Sunday project! I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I didn't want to do plants because there would be no drainage for them and I already do not have a green thumb. I put a little twist on it and...  here is the finished product- wish I had a "good" camera! Promise it's super cute!

Here are the supplies- I got a 1x8x6 board cut in half at Lowe's (if you wink at them they will let you go in front of all of the men) You also need 6 clamps that will fit around the mason jars that you choose. They are in the plumbing section of Lowes. I also bought a paint sample because they are a lot cheaper than buying paint at a craft store. I got the 6 votives (Hazelnut mmmm....) from Wal-Mart. The gravel was free from our front porch.. don't tell my husband! All in all the cost for this project was about $20.
Then I took the wood and painted a coat. I watered it down so you could still see the texture of the wood under the paint. After that dried I sanded the edges so it would not look brand new.

 Next- It was time for the + D on my DIY project- the plus D would be my daddy :) YES my daddy! He came over to drill the holes into the clamps. He did a great job! After watching I can definitely do it myself next time... maybe it was a secret mission just to get my daddy to come see me..

Then you screw the clamps into the wood.. which I did!
Then it was the fun part- filling the mason jars with gravel and placing the votives inside them! It was a lot of effort to get them even. 

Ready to put it all together!

the end of the project.

I love the way it looks in our bedroom!

While I was waiting on the paint to dry I did another QUICK project... maybe 15 minutes :)
I traced an outline of the pot as I rolled it across paper. Then i pasted the fabric on with Mod Podge (craft essential). 
Finished fabric pot :) I plan to make various sizes in fall fabrics for mums!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Style Me Pretty

So- I am an avid facebook detective- I prefer detective over stalker :) Well I LOVE to look at any and all pictures that Adam + Allison Hudson put up! They are amazing and just happened to be the best splurge ever for my wedding- just in case you're looking for a great photog- check out here- Adam's Site!

Anyways- as I was checking out there new updated pics I came across an article about them! SO totally -Cool Article on the site Style Me Pretty. I decided I should definitely read the article since I love them dearly! Well the article was about this amazing engagement shoot they did using cupcakes- then at the bottom they gave a totally surprising shout out to mine and daniel's wedding!! WHAT! Here is what is said...

"LOVE Adam’s work? Want to see more? Take a peek at Savanah & Daniel’s Fall Wedding {you’ll positively LOVE the shoes + the frost your own cupcakes!}"

I mean a tiny little blurb about us but I was too excited! I don't have the copyright to my pictures until our one year anniversary- another awesome happy from adam + allison- so all I have is a picture of my cake- yum :)
If you want to see our other pics you can click on the article link- 
off. to. sew.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Giveaway Winners


Winners for TWO giveaways! Wow- What a generous month :)

The first winner is from a giveaway on Kelly's Blog and the second was on Jill's Blog!!
-Check out these blogs! Kelly is always doing giveaways and Jill is always keeping life interesting!

Winner #1 got to pick their favorite t-shirt from the Quirky Finch Shop on Etsy! She picked a boy's 2T t-shirt and left the rest up to me- I went with my favorite color GREEN! I did a truck on the shirt out of super fun material! Turned out cute- or so I think :)

The second winner was Jamie Shurtleff! She is actually a high school friend that really got into the giveaway on Jill's Blog! I'm so glad she won! She won a set of two kitchen towels with her initial on them"S"!

 Here are a few pics of some things I finished up this weekend :) Not to mention my husband and I completely gutted our yard and are starting from scratch building a patio and re-landscaping! Special thanks to my dad and my awesome in-laws for the free labor!

  - sweet bubble tree shirts for 3 beautiful sisters :) 
I can't wait to see a picture of them in it!

 - Matching onesie and bib set for a sweet new baby girl! 
This was ordered the day she was born- love it!

Lastly, I -with moaning and groaning- did a friend a favor and made an MSU shirt- HOTTY TODDY :) Just so you know I hummed Dixie the whole time! It was for a boy so it's not too fru-fru :) I am REALLY wanting to do a college shirt for girl- kid to adult- I want to use some funky material and colors! If you want a college shirt ex. MSU, LSU, UM, USM, W, BAMA- you get the idea! Let me know- I see a discount in your future so I can get a few on my website :)

 - the paw print was on the front-

- the MSU was on the back-

Don't forget I can do sorority letters also :)

Well I think that is all for this weekend! 
Will definitely post more asap!
Lots on the to-do list- just how I like it :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

exciting news- quirky finch can monogram :)

I am too excited to announce that quirky finch can now MONOGRAM! Letters up to 12 inches :) I am going to do a flat rate for monogramming- $8 this can be a large initial, a name, or a true 3 letter monogram! I am too excited to be offering this to go along with my quirky finch stuff. NO, your stuff does not have to be quirky finch to get it monogrammed- bring it on- towels, shirts, bookbags and more!  I am attaching my favorite fonts- warning: quite a few! There are more if you still can't find one you like :)

Font List 1

Font List 2

Font List 3

Font List 4

-for some reason this one loads as a picture and not a pdf- who knows :)

As far as thread color it is pretty much endless! I do not have swatches of all the colors- that'd be crazy! If you want to make sure it's exact grab a swatch of your own and bring it to match the color!!

Can't wait to start monogramming my quirky finch stuff and your stuff too!

What's your favorite font so far? I love the WHOLE list 3!!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

rainy day

Today's weather was perfect for a little quirky finch time! I decided to try something NEW :) -always fun. I wanted to see what I could do with a headband- I went to Brookhaven this weekend for a wedding and got some inspiration from some of the shops downtown. Here are a few pictures of the very FIRST quirky finch headband!

-I love it :)

Another quirky finch FIRST was created today- My husband and I are waiting on our FIRST nephew to be born in just about a week! We could not be more excited- He- "Perry" was actually my inspiration for starting quirky finch and concentrating on children's clothing! Today I made Rachel- my SIL- a hanger for the door of her home for when they bring Perry home from the hospital :) It is painted burlap and stuffed so it has shape! Tomorrow I am going to find some tulle to add a big bow at the top!

-love this sweet baby boy door hanger :)

-still finishing up the baby girl- she will have a bow- of course!

Lastly, I actually had to work on some quirky finch orders- still fun! I completed a set of kitchen towels- JUST LIKE THE TOWELS YOU CAN WIN ON THIS BLOG ---> click here!

Be sure to check out quirky finch on:

I love feedback- Let me know what you like or don't like :) or maybe just what you like..

Friday, March 25, 2011


Quirky Finch is hosting TWO giveaways!

For your chance to win custom gifts,
check out these blogs:

Just The Two Of Us
-this blog is giving away a custom t-shirt or onesie of your choice!


First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage
 - this blog is giving away a set of custom applique kitchen towels!

These giveaways both end next week, so hurry!!!

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